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Tips for Social Networking Web Development

You must have heard phrases like "Don't do this, Don't do that or follow these tips" regarding social networking web development. Though there are many dos and don'ts for the success in social networking web development, not all of them are equally important. With almost a year of hands-on experience with the popular social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook, we have gathered 4 must-know tips for the success in social networking web development. Social Networking


1. Provide the users with something useful


The way people use the Internet has changed a lot these days. Unlike earlier days when people were attracted by flashy banners and bright pictures, today people look for something useful. Today's Internet users know the fact that "all that glitters is not gold." This is an important point to be noted for successful social networking web development. You have seen the popularity of niche social networks like Myspace and Facebook to increase rapidly through the past few months. The reason behind this fast growth of these social networks is the introduction of very useful social networking software. There are some cool social networking software in Myspace which makes the visitors stick to the seats for long hours. 


2. Include something that makes the visitors stay in your Social Networking Website


Social networking is not all about finding friends and sending messages. There should be some reason for the visitors to your social networking website to stay on your site and spend some time. Lately this year, some cool online, multiplayer games spawned in some social networking websites. Online gaming is where people spend more time today. Hence offering some free online multiplayer games on your social networking website will make the visitors spend more time. Moreover, these online games also make the users refer the same to their friends too. Offering online games in social networks is just an example. There are much other stuff that makes users stay on your social networking website. Video and audio sharing are also an attraction today. Social Networking Integration


3. Make it easy to find friends and connect with them


The main motive of the visitors of the social networking websites is to find friends and to connect with them. Even the businessmen look for connecting to more people through the social networks. Hence for a successful social networking web development, it's necessary to ensure that the users of your social networking website can find friends easily and connect to them with a few clicks. The user interface and the navigation through the social networking site should be made simple and easier to understand. Remember the fact that not everyone out there is Internet savvy computer geeks.  Social Networking Automation


4. Don't make the visitors of your social networking website to wait


There is one common mistake that most of the social networking web developers make. They overload the website with graphics and concentrate in making the website look eye catchy. This is a big mistake because overloading the pages with graphics will increase the load time of the webpage. This will irritate the visitors of your social networking website, no matter how good the graphic is. They will eventually quit from the page and will never return. Integrated Social Netwoking