How to Design a Website

Website design may look challenging to a beginner.However the task is very interesting as you start and follow the process step by step. As a Beginner, there are simple tricks that enable you to successfully design a website with no previous experience at all. This Article will focus on how you can design a Website without prior experience.

1. Get a Pre-made Website Template:
There are thousands of pre-made Website Templates available for purchase online to enable Newbies. To learn more about Pre-made Templates, Click here. They are pre-made codes that only need to be altered to suit your own Website purpose. Such Pre-made Templates can be purchased at and a host of other sites. This Templates are pre-made to suit several categories. There are templates suitable for shopping sites, Templates suitable for personal blogs among others. To learn more about categories of pre-made Template, Go Online.

2. Create your own website design:
After purchasing the pre-made website template, alter them to suit your own website design. Re-position various elements on the Templates, change the title, fit in your own logo, and enter your own text. Create a uniform style, stick with a few choice of colors like two or three and make sure that they harmonize well on the Webpage. Do not alternate between various font sizes and style. Stick with two or three and use them logically. Make your texts easier to read by breaking it into smaller sections. Make sure you use subheadings and use spaces between sections. Ensure you make use of standard HTML and avoid features that are available to only one or a few browsers. Make sure you use responsive design that enables your Website to be compatible with all types of devices. To learn more visit this site.

3. Test your Website:
After you have created your website design, test it to ensure that all links work appropriately, images appear appropriately and there is uniformity between all the elements of the website like your logo, heading among others. To learn more about how to test your website, click here.

4. Host your Website:
When you have tested your website, use sites like Hostgator, Bluehost and Godaddy to get your website online. To learn more about hosting your Website, go online.