Why Content Management Systems Can’t Ruin Web Site Design

A few years ago, web site design was a preserve for geeks who were well versed in incomprehensible coding languages. Even a basic “hello world” programme required one to open a text editor and insert numerous html elements. Then content management systems were born and the landscape of web site design changed considerably.

A content management system is an application that makes it extremely easy to insert elements on a website. These elements include complex things like slideshows, tables, polls, wikis etc. They typically use a WYSIWYG editor that allows the user to click on icons and insert the respective elements. Read more here. The implication of this is that it is now possible to come up with stellar web designs without coding knowledge. It is no secret that majority of the websites today are running on content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc. Click here for a list of the most popular content management systems.

One would be forgiven to think that the job of a web site designer is threatened. Visit this site to get more details on web designer job trends. However; web site design is much more than dragging and dropping elements from a WYSIWYG editor. Every now and then, a web designer will get a request from a client to do something that no content management system can do. That means that the designer has no choice but to hard code a tailor made solution. Even using CMSes that have lots of modules and plugins like WordPress doesn’t guarantee an off shelf implementation to everything. Developers often have to code their own custom plugins to add to the content management system in order to realize some solutions.

Yes, web site design has been generally made easier thanks to the introduction of content management systems. But knowing to use a CMS does not make one a web designer and that is why CMSes cannot replace web design as a profession.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – The Modern Marketing

SEM is the acronym for “search engine marketing” is one out of the several other types of internet marketing and it is aimed at helping to promote websites through the avenue of visibility by search engines. This is however achieved primarily through the avenue or means of paid advertising. SEM can also cover SEO which is another acronym that stands for “search engine optimization” where the architecture and content of a website is redesigned to improve its visibility during internet searches like “pay per click”. For further details on the meaning and importance of SEM for your website go online and visit this site now. You can also click here to read more.


It is not only important but also necessary that you visit this site if you intend to make your website visible to search engines as the whole essence of doing business online is to be able to reach a larger group of people as this will help you make more profit in your business. Click here now to get a better understanding on how this system operates. You can also read more on Search Engine Marketing when you go online. The place of search engines in any online business can never be under estimated because it is SEM that will help make your website a well known one.


There are many websites that offer the same services that you offer on your site just like there are many affiliates to the product or site that you are an affiliate to. In order to make your service and product stand out from the others, it is essential that you click here now to visit this site where you will be able to read more on why you need to let your business go online and why you need to make use of SEM for the visibility of your website by search engines.


Top Five Tips On Facebook Ads

Do you know how powerful the Facebook ads are? Have you ever read the guidelines before posting ads in Facebook?
There are so many sites guide you to get success in advertising Facebook. The article provide you some major tips defined from credible website, kindly follow them before posting ads. I recommend you to visit the site for more incredible tips regarding Facebook ads.

1. Choose The Right Place
First of all, You have to choose the right platform and right page on Facebook, in order to see progress daily. If you post your ad on low reputed pages, it is simply waste of time. So, you must use the right page where more viewers easily able to look your ads first time. Click here to know more about the most popular pages in Facebook to post ads.

2. Choose Quality And Attractive Images
You know that the ad contains an image, details and headlines. nearly 80% of ad gets impacts from its images. So, you must choose the attracting images in order to get attention of visitors. Visit the site to view sample of powerful ads and to get more tips on choosing attractive images for ads.

3. Know What Type Audience You Need
This is really hard, and the most advertisers fail to do this. But, you can get amazing tips to find right audience for your ad by clicking here.

4. Focus On Main Keywords
Choose the most appropriate keywords that exactly define who you are and what you want etc. It is most important that make you unique from other competitors and helps to get more attractions towards visitors.

5. Know The Best Time To Publish Ads
You need not to run your ads when the Facebook page gets low traffic. Optimize the right time and publish ads.

I here gave only one part of the tips, If you are interested, you can visit the site to know full tips to successfully post your ad and get more profits fast.

Investing in Facebook Ads to Get Returns

Facebook Ads – an online advertising platform from Facebook, provides reliable, robust ad returning online advertising platform that can help your business transform your online audience into your customers in a much convenient and faster way than other online and traditional marketing channels. Click on here for an insight on how Facebook Ads work. There are quite a number of proven and valid reasons on why your business should adopt Facebook Ads as a marketing strategy. Here are some of these reasons.

Facebook is the biggest social media platforms – there are other big and renowned social media platforms such as Google+, Pinterest and Twitter but Facebook is the biggest of them and has the largest number active user base that your business can turn into the customers. After acquiring Whatsapp a smartphone messaging app Facebook is reporting an impressive and smart continuous growth in term of user base over the quarters. So advertising your local and small business on Facebook will surely get paid off.

Facebook Ads offer more customized, personalized and social features- these enables businesses to publish social ads that their customers love to see. Some of the most stunning ads features are; CPM versus CPSC model. CPM stands for cost per 1000 impressions this means that you’ll only pay when people see view ads on Facebook. CPC stands for cost per click that means you’ll pay when users click on your ad.

Flexible bid options for Facebook ads- the social media platform offers flexible and customized bid options for you ads. As a business owner you can choose the bid value for your ad at your ad or opt to choose from the Facebook suggestions. In addition to providing you with low bid value options, Facebook also recommends a optimum bid value that they believe it’s best for your ads.

The above reasons may seem convincing to any business owner to choose Facebook ads for online marketing, there is one more important reason to opt for Facebook ads and it’s the conversion tracking and Facebook Insight. Visit this site for help on placing ads. Facebook insights gives you an actionable and detailed overview of how you ad is performing and how users are responsible to your ad. Conversion tracking on the other hand provides measures of the conversion rate. Click here for more information.

Web Design Trends That Will Drive Attention to Your Site

A trend is considered to be any form of technique or style that has gained increasing popularity among a considerable group. Every year new trends evolve in categories such as fashion, automotive or technology. Well, web design trends are just as important to businesses as the latest pair of fashionable heels are to runway models. 

When businesses implement the latest techniques and styles in a web design, they are maintaining their ability to remain competitive and further grow their business in terms of marketing and SEO. As technology continues to advance and the competition continues to remain fierce among competitors, implementing the following web design trends is essential to maintain and further grow your online presence, visit this site.

Longer Scrolling Sites

When scrolling through a newly designed site, it doesn’t go unnoticed that they tend to be longer in length. This is partly due to the increasing demand for the use of mobile friendly sites, as sites are opting for scrolling as a means to display content rather than linking, especially on home pages.

This new trend extends beyond most home pages and is multiplying to be found on product and about pages as it provides for the means to display a wide variety of content elegantly to continue read more here.

Interaction and Storytelling

It’s no secret that a crucial component for your website is amazing content, now; current trends are pushing for websites to be able to tell a story through their content. The goal is to maintain user attention and draw them further into the website.

Interaction and Animation

To help present content in a manner that is unique and appealing for the visitors, web designs are becoming more creative and interactive with the integration of animation. This new trend uses interaction paired with animation for website design, when done tastefully, to instill a browsing experience for users that is eye-popping and creates a wow factor to your site to prove the facts click here.


Improve Site Rank with SEO

Today, more and more people rely on SEO searches to help them find a company, a particular product, good, or service. With this said, as a business owner in any specific niche, you need to rank up top with the right keywords for SEO searches which visitors are making. How do you increase rank? How do you develop a site which will outrank competitors? What changes does Google look at when ranking sites in terms of keywords and SEO? These are a few things which an SEO firm can help answer and can make the right changes so your site is more user friendly and search engine friendly.

You need to build a site which is navigable. Your site needs to offer ease of load, should load quickly, it should offer cohesive content. It should have the right keyword density in place, it should offer quality content to visitors. Your site should have a mobile friendly version. All of these relevant factors are taken into consideration by Google and other major search engines, when ranking a particular site for SEO searches. Since you do not know how to modify and update your site, an SEO firm or agency can greatly help your business, improve the quality of the content, and help increase site rank over a period of time.

Don't know who to hire when building a new site or making changes to your current site? Visit this link and read more to find out which top local SEO firms can best help your business. With the right firm, your site is not only going to improve its rank, but will give site visitors exactly what they are looking for. Click here now so you can find top local SEO firms, and so you can see the improvement in rank so your business can grow.

How to Choose the Best SEO Consultant for Your Website

With many people claiming to be SEO experts, you may find it difficult to choose the best consultant to fine-tune your website. Your website needs to be optimized for search engines for it to rank better. Search engine optimization is a tricky process that needs to be carried out by experts with knowledge and experience. Read on to learn about how to choose the best SEO consultant.

Select a few SEO consultants who you think are good and ask them questions. If you know all what SEO entails, then you will be able to tell the experts who can take your website to the next level. Let your candidates access your website and ask them what SEO changes are required by your website. The best SEO providers have a good understanding of on-page and off-page optimization techniques. Read more here about the SEO techniques.

Examine the SEO work completed by your chosen consultants. The best consultants have worked on a number of websites, and the ranking results for the sites are positive. Get a few websites from each of the experts and examine how the sites are performing online. Choose the experts with many successful websites. Click here to learn more about the qualities of the best SEO consultants.

Know how long the experts have been doing SEO. You may come across some consultants who are newcomers in the field, but are successful. Experience is very important in this field. The newcomers may lack knowledge of some important SEO factors needed by your website. So it is important to choose consultants who have been in the field for a while, but are successful at the same time.

Choose the best SEO expert by considering your budget. Understand the fees and charges offered by your selected consultants to choose the one who is within your budget. At this stage, all your selected consultants can do excellent SEO. So save money by choosing the consultant who is ready to offer SEO services at the lowest price. Visit this site to sample SEO consultants and choose the one that suits your needs.

What’s New in Web Design Trends

It can be difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing trends in web design, but there are companies and resources online to help you keep your website looking up to date.

In April 2015, Google introduced a new search algorithm that gives higher rankings to mobile-friendly pages in searches on mobile devices. Mobile-friendly, or “responsive,” means individual web pages are readable without zooming or tapping. A website that lacks mobile-friendly pages might see its mobile traffic decrease significantly, Google warns. Go online here to check to see if your site is mobile friendly-- http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2015/04/rolling-out-mobile-friendly-update.html.

Your site needs to be mobile-friendly because more people are relying on their mobile devices every day. Click on www.webunlimited.com for information on mobile analytics. The company found that in 2014, mobile devices accounted for 55 percent of Internet usage in the United States. Your website has to be able to work for them.

Today’s websites emphasize that less is more. One trend is to clean out information and text-laden pages that don’t get any traffic by using digital analytics. People want to get the essential information up front. That’s why videos, infographics, and bullet points are showing up more and more in favor of long blocks of copy and graphics that look pretty but don’t convey any information. Adding short videos that let your customers or clients tell their story about how your company has helped them are powerful marketing messages.

Go online to read about the top trends in web design. Among those the website expects to see are longer scrolling sites, fewer clicks to reach a page, more storytelling along with high-quality photography, and hidden main menus.

Finding the right web-design firm that is in touch with all the latest trends in look and accessibility will help you get your message to your target audience.

How to Design a Website

Website design may look challenging to a beginner.However the task is very interesting as you start and follow the process step by step. As a Beginner, there are simple tricks that enable you to successfully design a website with no previous experience at all. This Article will focus on how you can design a Website without prior experience.

1. Get a Pre-made Website Template:
There are thousands of pre-made Website Templates available for purchase online to enable Newbies. To learn more about Pre-made Templates, Click here. They are pre-made codes that only need to be altered to suit your own Website purpose. Such Pre-made Templates can be purchased at www.modmelon.com and a host of other sites. This Templates are pre-made to suit several categories. There are templates suitable for shopping sites, Templates suitable for personal blogs among others. To learn more about categories of pre-made Template, Go Online.

2. Create your own website design:
After purchasing the pre-made website template, alter them to suit your own website design. Re-position various elements on the Templates, change the title, fit in your own logo, and enter your own text. Create a uniform style, stick with a few choice of colors like two or three and make sure that they harmonize well on the Webpage. Do not alternate between various font sizes and style. Stick with two or three and use them logically. Make your texts easier to read by breaking it into smaller sections. Make sure you use subheadings and use spaces between sections. Ensure you make use of standard HTML and avoid features that are available to only one or a few browsers. Make sure you use responsive design that enables your Website to be compatible with all types of devices. To learn more visit this site.

3. Test your Website:
After you have created your website design, test it to ensure that all links work appropriately, images appear appropriately and there is uniformity between all the elements of the website like your logo, heading among others. To learn more about how to test your website, click here.

4. Host your Website:
When you have tested your website, use sites like Hostgator, Bluehost and Godaddy to get your website online. To learn more about hosting your Website, go online.

Google AdWords: An Overview

Google AdWords is an online marketing technique or strategy that allows marketers to reach their target market through text based on advertising media such as audio, video, print, that aims at capturing the attention of web users. The advertising media are usually based on keywords stipulated by advertisers that will link the content to the designated market or web users. Advertisers earn when web users are sidetracked from browsing activities in a bid to grasp more on the displayed or advertised media. Partner websites then receive a certain portion of the generated income. You can visit this site to know more of partner websites.

Keywords can also be used to ballpark the amount your total expenses on marketing. Every keyword you select will entail a cost per click amount based on bids that enumerate the maximum amount you are able to pay every time a user clicks on your advert. Your CPC is directly proportional to the position that your ad shows up on the page. To learn more about CPC click here.

Current developments

Ad words are rated as Google’s central source of income. According to recent statistics, Google`s net advertising earnings was estimated at $44.3 billion in 2013. The ad words campaign encompasses International, National and Local Dispensation of its services. The focal place where Google adwords are studied is in Mountain View California. Using ip exclusion techniques, marketers can set out the regions they don’t want the ads to reach. You can go online here for further acumen on current developments. 


  • Measurable- it is very easy to measure your return on investments based on the number of impressions, number of clicks, Cost per click and click through rate amongst others.
  • Cost effective- you get to set the budget you want to spend on your Google ad campaign on a most variable budget that can range from $10 to $5000.
  • Highly specific- the ad campaign can be tailored to reach specific target markets based on location, language, time and device type amongst other factors.



How Social Media Has Helped in Online Marketing

Social media has graduated from being a wild child of the marketing department. It has become part of the online marketing strategy that many businesses invest in in a bid to boost their popularity and customer base. Big companies have used social media marketing to increase their brand, sales and the community around their products. No matter the size of your company, social media can help in starting a conversation with the target market and elevating your brand.

How do businesses benefit from social media?

  • Increasing website traffic: Whenever your website experiences low traffic, there result is few customers and less profits. To solve this problem the social team should focus on creating links directly to the website from social posts. The mostly used wordings to direct users to useful content, company images and subpages include 'Click here', 'visit this site', and 'go online'. With the current world being ever online, links help to position your website and brand at a good place for more people to access your content.
  • Retention of customers: Maintaining a good social relationship with customers ensures there is better perception and an off-line relationship with the brand. This social bond allows more customers to stick with your brand.
  • Enhancing effective customer service: When people turn to social media platforms to engage with your business, it is the right opportunity to market it. Your social team can bring to light some products and services that have not had enough popularity. When customers are satisfied with the responses made through the social platform, they are more likely to visit your site.
  • Weak brand awareness: Instead of promotion messages, it is good to focus on creating useful content and strong brand personality through social media. Relevant industry influencers and hash tags are rich resources to tap into in order to extend the brand's overall awareness.

A smart social media marketing strategy can help your organization tackle common business obstacles. It provides great return on investment and is very reliable in driving traffic.

Three Tips to Simplify Your Web Design

This goes without saying….simplicity rules! It will make your site look modern and sleek, reduce the confusion in navigation and help you achieve your desired results. Most often than not however, this basic element of web design seems so elusive and no matter how much you try, you just cannot make your site work like that of Apple or Microsoft. Now many have told you to go online to do some research on the same so here you are. So without further ado the following are some points to simplify your web design.

Focus on the essential elements

But you knew that already right? Regardless, it is surprising at the number of sites that fail to achieve this ending up with unimportant elements all over the pages. This happens primarily because you do not prioritize what is essential and important to you. Just like any piece of art, identify your focus first.

Apply the 80-20 rule

20% of what is on your site’s page will provide 80% content and value of what the visitors are looking for. It could be some social proof, a button of call to action or sign up form for instance. On your site, you should focus on displaying only 20% of the elements that will deliver 80% of the content and value. It is not a technical step but a principle that will guide you to simplifying your site. Click here to read more on this.

Reduce the number of pages

A large part of simplifying your web design will call you to cut down on the number of pages that you have. The fewer places people have to explore or click around the simpler your site will get. You could fuse some sites or get rid of the ones that you know for sure you can do without.

Visit this website to get more information on how to go about this.


The Power of Social Media Marketing

It struck me like a bolt when I realized the potential that SMM holds. It was an eye-opener to me. I was oblivious to the reach and power of the SMM. It raised a lot of questions in my mind.

What Social Media Marketing(SMM) is?

SMM is a process of gaining traffic through social sites. It is used by almost 80% of the businesses for their marketing.

It is based on the word of mouth (electronically). It works through the content created, which is shared across social networks.

When the message spreads across about the product or service marketing takes place about the product or service. It works because the message is from the trusted source.

Why SMM is important for businesses?

Marketers can understand the buying preferences and know the pulse of the market through the analysis of these sites using semantic analysis. It will tell the sentiment of the people regarding particular product or service based on the posts in the site.

1. Increase brand recognition.
2. Improved brand loyalty.
3. Higher conversion rates.
4. Higher brand authority.

Social media marketing Vs Traditional marketing?

The reach of the SMM is huge when compared to Traditional marketing. The resource taken is also insignificant. Social media marketing makes it very targeted and personal. It can be so customized that depending on each customer action. Marketing can be tailored. Such customization is impossible in Traditional marketing.

Social media marketing strategies?

The strategies for Social media marketing can be two types

  • Active Approach - Here Social media is used as a communication channel apart from direct marketing and public relations tool.
  • Passive approach - Social media is used to gauge the market by feeling the voice of the market through the blogs, tweets, etc.

Engagement is fundamental to the success of SMM. The biggest challenge is to keep customers engaged in the website. Attention grabbing and retaining is challenging.

Engagement is created using proactive posts with new content or through reactive posts sharing existing information.

What are the tools available for social media marketing?

Social media Platforms:

Social media Websites - These websites allow individuals to interact with one another. It helps to build relationships and are more personal than the traditional method of Outbound marketing and advertising.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube

Personal interactions give the feeling of loyalty and credibility. The mobile phone is another important part in the whole design of SMM. People use mobile to visit this site and go online. Since usage of mobile is so widespread, the content has to be presented to suit mobile users.

QR codes have become popular to make it easy for customer's to access the website.

How do we benchmark the results of SMM?

Tools like Google Analytics can be used to benchmark social media marketing strategies and in real time change the strategies based on the feedback you receive.

Do all the principles of Traditional marketing still hold true in SMM?

Yes, all the strategies' & marketing principles still hold true in SMM. The platform and media are very powerful.

In essence, Social media marketing has taken the world by storm. It has the huge potential to be exploited.

What should you do?

Design a SMM strategy. Find the social media platform and execute the plan.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Good For Business

Ever thought of marketing online? Are you aiming to attract more visitors to your website? If yes then you must have heard of search engine optimization. Technological growth is rapid. Millions of people are now able to access internet information through phones, PC and tablets. Online marketing can be cheap and the fastest way to reach customers, but what we must not forget is that almost every business man is aware of its benefits. It is a competition and the only way to ensure your website achieve the best ranking is to understand search engine optimization strategies.

What Is SEO?

It is an online marketing strategy. It involves tactics used to increase website visitors by achieving high rankings by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others. Over the years, search engine optimization has proven to be the most effective marketing strategy. For us to understand its importance, let us first look at the benefits.


  • Increased traffic – It increases visitors to your websites. This also results into more reviews by customers, hence makes your website popular.
  • Cheap – You just need an internet enabled device like tablets, phone or computer and content, unlike advertising through televisions and promotions.
  • Creates brand awareness – Most people go for the first search result on the search engine. This will make your brand popular and as a result you’ll have more buyers.
  • Better return on investment – If you have more visitors to your websites chances that most of them will become your customers are very high. This is good for business.

Having that in mind, you also have to realize that tactics involved in search engine optimization are changing.  If you are planning to achieve higher rankings, here are is what you need to do while either creating a new website or updating an old one.

Tips to Get You To the Top

  • Use shorter domains – Shorter domains always have better rankings than longer ones.
  • Keyword placement – Keyword should be placed earlier at the title.
  • Longer content – For better ranking, you need longer and high quality content.
  • Include important pictures and videos – You should include videos and pictures to your website. This will attract viewers, hence the visitors to your website
  • Never use external links that have the keyword you are aiming to rank for

It is cheap, efficient and the fastest way to reach potential customers. With changing technology, advertising through televisions, tiring promotions and expensive offers are starting to make less sense. Online marketing has taken over and when it comes to getting more customers it doesn’t matter whether you own a big or small company. What matters is what you have for your website visitors. Search engine optimization is the modern solution for businesses.