The Power of Social Media Marketing

It struck me like a bolt when I realized the potential that SMM holds. It was an eye-opener to me. I was oblivious to the reach and power of the SMM. It raised a lot of questions in my mind.

What Social Media Marketing(SMM) is?

SMM is a process of gaining traffic through social sites. It is used by almost 80% of the businesses for their marketing.

It is based on the word of mouth (electronically). It works through the content created, which is shared across social networks.

When the message spreads across about the product or service marketing takes place about the product or service. It works because the message is from the trusted source.

Why SMM is important for businesses?

Marketers can understand the buying preferences and know the pulse of the market through the analysis of these sites using semantic analysis. It will tell the sentiment of the people regarding particular product or service based on the posts in the site.

1. Increase brand recognition.
2. Improved brand loyalty.
3. Higher conversion rates.
4. Higher brand authority.

Social media marketing Vs Traditional marketing?

The reach of the SMM is huge when compared to Traditional marketing. The resource taken is also insignificant. Social media marketing makes it very targeted and personal. It can be so customized that depending on each customer action. Marketing can be tailored. Such customization is impossible in Traditional marketing.

Social media marketing strategies?

The strategies for Social media marketing can be two types

  • Active Approach - Here Social media is used as a communication channel apart from direct marketing and public relations tool.
  • Passive approach - Social media is used to gauge the market by feeling the voice of the market through the blogs, tweets, etc.

Engagement is fundamental to the success of SMM. The biggest challenge is to keep customers engaged in the website. Attention grabbing and retaining is challenging.

Engagement is created using proactive posts with new content or through reactive posts sharing existing information.

What are the tools available for social media marketing?

Social media Platforms:

Social media Websites - These websites allow individuals to interact with one another. It helps to build relationships and are more personal than the traditional method of Outbound marketing and advertising.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube

Personal interactions give the feeling of loyalty and credibility. The mobile phone is another important part in the whole design of SMM. People use mobile to visit this site and go online. Since usage of mobile is so widespread, the content has to be presented to suit mobile users.

QR codes have become popular to make it easy for customer's to access the website.

How do we benchmark the results of SMM?

Tools like Google Analytics can be used to benchmark social media marketing strategies and in real time change the strategies based on the feedback you receive.

Do all the principles of Traditional marketing still hold true in SMM?

Yes, all the strategies' & marketing principles still hold true in SMM. The platform and media are very powerful.

In essence, Social media marketing has taken the world by storm. It has the huge potential to be exploited.

What should you do?

Design a SMM strategy. Find the social media platform and execute the plan.