Three Tips to Simplify Your Web Design

This goes without saying….simplicity rules! It will make your site look modern and sleek, reduce the confusion in navigation and help you achieve your desired results. Most often than not however, this basic element of web design seems so elusive and no matter how much you try, you just cannot make your site work like that of Apple or Microsoft. Now many have told you to go online to do some research on the same so here you are. So without further ado the following are some points to simplify your web design.

Focus on the essential elements

But you knew that already right? Regardless, it is surprising at the number of sites that fail to achieve this ending up with unimportant elements all over the pages. This happens primarily because you do not prioritize what is essential and important to you. Just like any piece of art, identify your focus first.

Apply the 80-20 rule

20% of what is on your site’s page will provide 80% content and value of what the visitors are looking for. It could be some social proof, a button of call to action or sign up form for instance. On your site, you should focus on displaying only 20% of the elements that will deliver 80% of the content and value. It is not a technical step but a principle that will guide you to simplifying your site. Click here to read more on this.

Reduce the number of pages

A large part of simplifying your web design will call you to cut down on the number of pages that you have. The fewer places people have to explore or click around the simpler your site will get. You could fuse some sites or get rid of the ones that you know for sure you can do without.

Visit this website to get more information on how to go about this.